Day 8 // Something Shiny

My engagement ring! I absolutely love it. I took it off the other day while I was dying my hair to make sure that I didn't get any dye on it and I felt naked. A month and a half later and it's already a part of me.


Day 7 // Tradition

A newer tradition-- Cider making! I've been on a kick and love this part of the holidays. Still in the process on deciding on which spices I like most. This World Market bunch is pretty tasty, though!


Day 6 // Star

The star on top of our first Christmas tree! We lived together last year, but Sean and I didn't have a real tree with our roommates. Ryan and I ran over to CVS the day after Christmas to pick up some cheap directions and I'm pretty happy with the purchases. I'm loving our tree topper!


Day 5 // Shadow

Shadow, silhouette... Whatever! Johnny and Lily at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Day 4 // Macro

I love that my new ornaments were advertised as "shatter proof." They're cheapy and plastic, so of course they're shatter proof. I can say, however, that they are definitely not dent proof. We tossed five or six!


Day 3 // Hat

My absolute favorite hat. I am so excited that it's finally weather appropriate to start wearing this hat again!


Day 2 // Work Space

I spend 40 hours a week here and it's less than inspiring. I was never 100% positive that my job was safe due to budget cuts, so I never wanted to take the time to clean it up and really make it my space. Now that things are a little more set, I feel like I can change some stuff around to make it mine.


Day 1 // Profile

Upon my second look, I realized that "Profile" a profile shot of ME. I initially thought it meant that bigger version of my profile picture. Oops. I'll update later on!

Changed It Up! December Photo Challenge

So I changed my mind on this photo challenge... AGAIN. This one will work a little better for the month (obviously), and I'm only one day behind on updating! As opposed to like two weeks! So I bring you, The December Photo Challenge.

December 2011 Goals

For the past few months I've been making monthly goals and doing my best to stick to them. Here goes December!
1. Visit venues for the wedding. Decide which fits our style best and set a date.
2. With my budget so low this month, think up cheap alternatives for Christmas gifts.
3. Pick up my wedding dress!
4. Go to the gym Saturdays and Sundays.
5. Enjoy the holiday season!
6. Make cider.
7. Finish the 30 Day Photo Challenge and input all my backdated photos!
8. Look for new jobs.
9. Resist the urge to chop off all my hair.
10. Save all my wedding inspiration images into organized folders.